How Zyphe Verify Works

Secure verification without sacrificing privacy

Zyphe Verify
Secure Verification Process

Discover Zyphe's innovative and privacy-preserving verification process that ensures businesses only receive the necessary information without compromising user identity.

Why Zyphe Verify:

Why Zyphe KYC?

We’re using blockchain like technology to decentralize the storage of personal data and design tailored identity verification workflows for your business.

Instant Onboarding

We’ve designed a frictionless onboarding flow that means our ecosystem of customers only ever have to complete onboarding once. When they join a company already using Zyphe Verify they are instantly verified - using one click KYC.

Decentralized Storage

The majority of KYC (Know Your Customer) verification providers operate in a centralized environment exposing them and their customers to data breaches. At Zyphe we use our decentralized storage to keep the information in a safe environment, protecting you and your customers.

Reduce Costs

Zyphe takes care of all your document integrity needs so you no longer need dedicated teams and multiple third-party vendors to perform verification. Our smart system not only integrates automated checks with legal expertise but also monitors every step of the process on your behalf.

Compliance Ready

Keeping up with ever-changing compliance is time-consuming and expensive. Focus on what matters most, scaling your business, and leave the KYC process, compliance and storage to us.

How It Works:

Step-by-Step Verification Process:

Designed to both protect against cybercrime and satisfy regulators, Zyphe Verify enables any business to meet identity requirements (such as KYC and AML) without developing their own KYC system or Data Storage.

Company integrates Zyphe through one of our integration routes.
If our system does not already verify the user, they go through a smooth KYC process and we perform a complete verification of the information he/she provides.
Once verification is submitted, the user’s data is checked by an AI, which gives a confidentiality score. If the confidentiality score is too low, the user is asked to carry out further checks with a live assistant.
The user is asked to grant the Company (e.g. financial institutions) permission to access their personal storage for secure retrieval of information. Once the user grants permission, they are immediately on-boarded.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I use my Zyphe verification?

Many businesses use Zyphe! Check with your favourite platforms to see if they're integrated.

What’s a POD?

Your POD is your secure personal data storage unit.

What documents do I need?

It depends! Zyphe verifies various IDs. We'll guide you through the specific requirements.

How long does verification take?

Fast! Zyphe verification is typically completed within minutes.

How does Zyphe verify my ID?

Zyphe checks your ID securely without revealing details.

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Decentralized Storage is the Future of Data Security and Accessibility

Decentralized KYC with Zyphe Verify

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